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16/32 channel multiplexing scrambling IPQAM modulator

16/32 channel multiplexing scrambling IPQAM modulator

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The 16/32 channel IP multiplexing and scrambling QAM modulator is the latest generation of highly integrated and high-performance multiplexing and scrambling QAM modulation all-in-one machine. This device supports 2 DATA data ports (SFP or RJ45) for input, and supports 1024 IP inputs (each DATA port can reach a maximum of 512 IP inputs); This device supports 32 QAM carrier outputs and 32 IP outputs. This device has the characteristics of high integration, high performance, and low cost, making it very suitable for the new generation of cable television broadcasting systems.

Main characteristics

1.2 channel DATA input, SFP or RJ45 interface

2. Supports 32 channel multiplexing and scrambling

3. Support J.83A (DVB-C)/J.83B modulation standards

4.1024 IP inputs (up to 512 channels per DATA port), UDP/RTP/RTSP protocol, IGMPV2/V3, MPTS or SPTS

5. Supports 32 carrier outputs, with a maximum bandwidth of 192MHz (both adjacent and inter frequency), and a level of 120db μ V

6. Supports 32-bit IP output, UDP/RTP/RTSP protocol

7. Support for web-based network management