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  • Introduction to the Complete Solution for Smart Hotel TV System

    With the implementation of policies, various provinces across the country have successively launched IPTV services. As of 2015, the number of IPTV users in the country had reached 50 million, and in 2..
  • Smart IPTV System Sauna Foot Bath Solution

    1. It can be connected with PMS, and the ID card information registered by the guest at the front desk will automatically switch to their native language based on international information, and the re..
  • Smart Hotel Three Network Integration Fiber Optic Home System Solution

    The concept of three network integration: 1. All optical network has simple wiring, simple networking, low maintenance, large optical transmission frequency bandwidth, information capacity, small tran..
  • IPTV Coaxial Hotel Front End Solution

    According to the requirements of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, analog television signal transmission will be completely stopped in 2015, and digital television signals will b..
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