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IPTV Coaxial Hotel Front End Solution

IPTV Coaxial Hotel Front End Solution


According to the requirements of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, analog television signal transmission will be completely stopped in 2015, and digital television signals will be used for transmission. The development of DTMB national standard digital television has reached today, and there are also several to dozens of public welfare free program resources in cities of all sizes in China. Since 2014, mainstream televisions in China have been rumored to have built-in DTMB set-top boxes. By mid-2014, TVs over 40 inches in the market had built-in DTMB digital decoding modules. When the system adopts the national standard DTMB transmission, there is no need for a set-top box in the terminal room, and the room layout is beautiful and easy to manage.

Wide application range, coaxial cable independent transmission, does not occupy hotel bandwidth, does not affect other hotel networks, can be implemented throughout the country (not limited by local cable TV, supports online remote debugging and maintenance).

  ② ; Save TV viewing fees (hotels only pay 3-5 telecom IPTV viewing fees, and other TV terminals do not need to pay fees, which can save the hotel tens of thousands of yuan in viewing fees annually); Save a lot of purchase costs on set-top boxes.

  ③ ; Large number of programs (40-50 sets of standard definition programs or 20-30 sets of high-definition programs); Support one click program sorting; The program is clear (Telecom IPTV has the same effect); It can integrate and increase 10-30 sets of free terrestrial digital TV (subject to on-site reception) and self-produced programs transmitted from TV towers around the country.

  ④ ; 100% full digital signal, strong anti-interference ability (there will never be snowflake, mesh, ghosting, jitter, and other interference commonly seen in traditional analog TV systems).

  ⑤ ; There are few devices, stable performance, low power consumption, and simple installation and maintenance (hotels can fully install themselves, provide technical support and remote debugging).

  ⑥ ; Hotel rooms do not require an additional set-top box (since 2014, mainstream televisions in China have had built-in DTMB set-top boxes).

  ⑦ ; The content of the hotel's self operated promotional program can be stored on a USB flash drive and can be changed at any time

3、 Advantages of Digital TV System Construction

1.Save a lot of purchase costs and unlimited monthly rental fees for set-top boxes, with one investment and lifelong benefits.

2.In the later stage, the number of televisions can be infinitely expanded without additional costs.

3.No need to rewire, just use the original cable TV network.

4.Each TV set does not need to be equipped with a set-top box to avoid the trouble caused by two remote controls.

. 5.The connected signal source is a digital TV signal source, and the real digital TV programs are watched.

6.Anti interference: There will be no interference phenomena such as snowflakes, mesh patterns, and image bouncing that are common in analog television systems.

7.The front-end computer room is managed uniformly, and set-top boxes and viewing cards are not placed in the room to prevent loss or damage.