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4-way DTMB modulator

4-way DTMB modulator

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The 4-way DTMB modulator is a high-performance and cost-effective DTMB modulator developed specifically for commercial venues to solve digital television signal sources. This device supports 8-channel Tuner (DVB-C) reception and 1-channel 100/Gigabit adaptive IP input; After internal DTMB modulation, four national standard carriers are output through one RF interface. This device has the characteristics of high performance and low cost, making it very suitable for use in digital television front-end systems such as hotels, clubs, schools, etc.

Main characteristics

  • Fully compliant with GB20600-2006 standards

  • Fully compliant with GB20600-2006 standard and supports 8-way Tuner (DVB-C) reception

  • Supports the insertion of 4 CAM cards and can descramble received programs at 8 frequency points

  • Supports 1 channel of 100/Gigabit adaptive IP input, UDP, RTP protocols