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Four channel engineering receiver WSJ-104P

Four channel engineering receiver WSJ-104P

This machine is a dedicated machine for computer rooms, suitable for small cable computer rooms in hotels, hotels, factories, schools, etc. Each machine has 4 programs, a standard 19 inch cabinet 1U design, and supports China VI and Asia 3S, 138 free TV

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一、Product Introduction

The neutral front-end television engineering receiver is a high-performance engineering specific model that adopts large-scale dedicated decoding integrated circuits and is equipped with embedded microcomputer control circuits, suitable for receiving satellite TV programs in large, medium, and small cable TV systems.

二、Performance characteristics

1.Comply with DVB-S/MPEG-2 standard, receive C/Ku band, and support 2~45Mbps symbol rate;

2.Adopting an ultra-low threshold digital tuner, the signal reception sensitivity is high;

3.When leaving the factory, preset free channel information for domestic satellite programs, and can store up to 1000 program channels;

4.Built in multiple languages, Chinese and English TV screen menu display function, quick channel selection function, initial channel setting function, power outage memory function;

5.The front panel is designed with a USB infrared remote control connector, which is convenient for remote control and easy to operate;

6.The front panel adopts a brushed structure, which is elegant and beautiful. The rear panel is equipped with four independent sets of RF inputs and is connected to a power interface;

7.Adopting the latest domestic integrated satellite programs, this engineering machine has built-in pre storage of 6 star positions for free programs;

8.Adopting a 19 inch design, it is easy to install on a standard 1U rack and is more convenient to use.

9.Video format AUTO/PAL/NTSC, with high image clarity.

Boundary dimensions mm: 483 (W) * 165 (L) * 44 (H)

Installation and Adjustment

1.The equipment is installed and fixed on a standard rack, ensuring a certain amount of space and good ventilation around it to facilitate heat dissipation and ensure long-term safe operation of the equipment;

2.Connect the signal from the receiving antenna frequency reducer to the LNBIN interface of the receiver;

3.Connect the audio and video output to the corresponding interface of devices such as modulators or televisions using a lotus plug;

4.Connect the 220V power supply and turn on the power switch;
5.Adjust the required reception channel according to the following instructions as needed;

6.After the engineering receiver is turned on, its display working mode is channel display. After that, every time the MODE key is pressed, the working mode of the engineering receiver will be as follows

Change the order between "receiving channel", "receiving frequency", and "accompanying sound frequency";

7.In any working mode, using UP/DN, the relevant data displayed at that time can be modified - increasing/decreasing. After 10 seconds of modification, the modified data will be automatically stored and returned to the channel display state; The next time the channel is selected, the modified data will be automatically called up

8.In any state, if no buttons are operated within 10 seconds, it will automatically return to the channel display state;

9.Automatically call up the channel used during the previous shutdown every time the device is turned on;

10.When adjusting the engineering receiver, attention should be paid to the polarization mode of the antenna and different accompanying sound frequencies