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Common hotel IPTV system implementation solutions

With the continuous deepening of high-tech technology in every corner of work and life, various industries have also shown their most unique and trendy aspects in this new era. For example, the widespread popularity and application of our common IPTV and home digital TV have also begun to be applied in various industries, such as hotels, hospitals, residential areas, nursing homes, and so on. Today, let's learn about a new industry - smart hotels. Smart hotels have become the benchmark for hotel development in today's era, and as smart hotels, the use of television is the most common, so smart hotels are mainly undertaken by IPTV systems. So, what are the implementation plans for the development of hotel IPTV systems?

Let's first understand what a smart hotel is?

Building a smart hotel has also become an inevitable trend in the development of the hotel industry. The so-called smart hotel is the hotel IPTV system, which has a complete set of intelligent system solutions. It can achieve the perfect combination of digitization and networking, thereby achieving the achievement of hotel digital systems and information services, integrating various hotel systems together, and achieving convenient and efficient service and management systems through human-computer interaction, The content covered by smart hotels is also quite extensive, such as television live streaming, video on demand, backend management, hotel information management, hotel service management, etc., which will undoubtedly greatly improve the satisfaction of guests.

What specific functions can the hotel IPTV system achieve?

When it comes to the functions of the hotel IPTV system, the first thing we think of may be live and on-demand television, but it goes far beyond that. The specific details are as follows:

1. Common functions include: TV live streaming, video on demand, TV review, and so on;

2. Provide guests with background music, startup welcome messages, etc., allowing them to enjoy the wonderful time of staying in the hotel.

3. It can also achieve hotel interactive value-added service projects, including room management, ordering services, shopping services, etc;

4. Multimedia display of the hotel's various distinctive services, promotion and introduction of the hotel, including local tourist attractions, catering and fitness, leisure and entertainment venues, etc.

5. In addition, if the hotel has any notices or promotional information, they will be pushed to the TV screen as soon as possible, so that guests can see it at a glance.

It can be seen that the IPTV system of smart hotels provides countless wonderful experiences for customers due to its diverse system functions. Of course, with the continuous exploration of market demand, the IPTV system of hotels will also become more powerful in the future.

So, how to choose the hotel IPTV system?

At present, there are many IPTV system providers on the market. When choosing, you must be careful in advance, choose a relatively reliable IPTV R&D company, and choose a system scheme that best suits your own characteristics according to your specific Functional requirement. As a professional software development company, we have many years of rich experience, especially in the development of IPTV systems. To date, we have provided technical services and solutions to dozens of customers both domestically and internationally.

The IPTV Internet TV system has been officially operated by multiple partners overseas, making it the most suitable TV box, video, and audio aggregation system for overseas Chinese communities; At the same time, it is also suitable for hotels, schools, and other local area networks to establish their own audio and video systems. At present, full terminal video on demand and live streaming have been achieved for Android TV box version, Android phone, tablet version, IOS phone/tablet version, PC computer version, etc. Our positioning is a commercial product that can be directly operated by customers, although its functions are similar to internet TV software such as Taijie, VST, and TV Cat