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How can IPTV live streaming system make videos smoother?

Many IPTV live broadcast system operators have the question: How can we make videos play more smoothly?

Here, the editor will briefly analyze the reasons that may affect the smoothness of APK video playback

Clarity and smoothness of video sources

We know that the clarity and size of a video are related to its bitrate. If the operator's own source has a high bitrate and can play smoothly in commonly used players such as VLC, then if other conditions are good in a TV box, clear and smooth playback can be achieved.

Player performance

Many APK software vendors for IPTV live streaming systems develop their own players, but it is not ruled out that some use open-source systems. Compared to open-source system players, self-developed players will make improvements in many aspects, especially those that have been in use in the market for several years, which have advantages in terms of box adaptation and playback.

Box decoding ability

The decoding of videos is divided into hardware and software. The hardware uses the GPU decoding of the hardware itself, while the software decoding uses the CPU decoding. So the decoding ability of the box is also important for the smooth playback of the video. The IPTV television system is designed to achieve soft and hard adaptation in decoding and playback, with priority given to selecting the appropriate decoding method.

Hardware conditions such as bandwidth

Finally, there is the situation of the number of concurrent users and bandwidth. Generally speaking, the higher the clarity, the higher the bit rate, and the more concurrent users, the greater the bandwidth required. However, in practice, bandwidth is not simply used to support power, but rather CDN acceleration or P2P acceleration is chosen. Regarding the two different scenarios of CDN and P2P acceleration, the editor will share and exchange with you in future articles.

PS: The editor is not from a professional technical background, and all the information shared is based on personal experience accumulated in practice. If there are any errors or different opinions, please feel free to call and communicate.