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What are the options for hotel IPTV system solutions?

With the development of society, the proportion of hotels in people's lives is increasing, and the positioning of hotels is gradually moving towards providing guests with a sense of comfort at home. The role of the internet in modern society is self-evident. The farthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but without a net. Although it is a joke, it also demonstrates the importance of the internet for modern people's lives. So many hotels attach great importance to IPTV Streaming television. What are the hotel IPTV system options? What are their advantages and disadvantages? As an IPTV system development manufacturer, I would like to introduce you as follows:

Option 1: Directly use the operator's IPTV system

This method is a simple choice, which is to directly purchase IPTV boxes from local operators when deploying network cables. It's not much different from the telecommunications box at home. The advantage of this solution is that there is no need to worry too much, and the live TV broadcast is clear. However, the disadvantage is that there is no distinctive feature, and on-demand resources are relatively few and slow to keep up with the new. Moreover, IPTV boxes are paid based on quantity and annual fees, with each region varying from 200 to 300 boxes per year.

Scheme II: Customizing a set of IPTV Streaming television that meets the characteristics of the hotel

The characteristic of this solution is that some improvements can be made based on the characteristics of the hotel industry. In addition to the on-demand live streaming function available in IPTV systems, it can also make startup advertisements exclusive to hotels, with specialized hotel introductions and even running lights. When every guest turns on the TV in their room, they will receive corresponding welcome messages, such as "Welcome Mr. Wang to stay at the Yayue Hotel" and so on. Of course, depending on the specific situation of the hotel, it can also be related to other hotel services, such as ordering, laundry, front desk, and so on. If the hotel is relatively large, it may also want to connect with third-party ticketing systems, such as 12306, Ctrip, Feizhu, etc.

The advantage of this solution is personalization, which can better reflect the hotel's brand and service. A system can be used for a long time without paying annually. However, in the early stage of communication, it is necessary to streamline the products you want to produce, and also to be patient with communication.

Option 3: Utilize existing IPTV live streaming APK

This type is usually provided by hardware manufacturers, which is actually a bit similar to the first type, but this type is usually a direct gift of software when buying hardware. The main purpose is still hardware, and I haven't had much experience investing in software, so I may have some slight advantages in terms of price!

The above are three common hotel IPTV system options, which have their own characteristics every week, so you should analyze your own situation when making specific choices. Of course, if you want to operate such a hotel Interactive television system to provide services for the entire industry, then the second is more appropriate.