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24 channel adjacent frequency modulator

24 channel adjacent frequency modulator

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Product Features

1.The modulation circuit adopts the mainstream modulation chip and microcontroller control, which is stable and reliable.

2.The modulation circuits of each channel are completely independent, and the channel configuration is very flexible and convenient.

3.The power supply has a large redundancy and can work continuously and stably throughout the year.

4.The relevant debugging of the cable TV transmission equipment has been completed before leaving the factory, and debugging is not required on site,By inputting AV signals, it can work and can be installed and constructed by non professional personnel.

4.Integrated installation of multiple modulators, compact structure, without the need for a dedicated computer room.

Technical Parameter

Fixed Channel


Output level


Adjustable range of output level

0~-20dB (adjustable)

Image/audio power ratio

-10dB~-30dB Continuing Adjust

Output Impedance


Parasitic output suppression ratio


Image carrier frequency accuracy

≤ ± 5KHz (within VHF band); ≤ ± 10KHz (UHF in band)

RF output reflection loss

≥ 12dB (within VHF band); ≥ 10dB (UHF in band)

Video input level

1.0Vp-p (corresponding to 87.5% modulation)

Video input impedance


Differential Gain

≤ 5% (when adjusted to 87.5%)

Differential Phase

≤ 5 ° (when adjusted to 87.5%)

Chromaticity/brightness delay difference

≤45 ns

Video in band flatness


Video modulation range

0-90% continuously adjustable

Video signal-to-noise ratio


Audio Input Level

1Vp-p (± 50KHz frequency offset)

Audio input impedance


Audio signal-to-noise ratio


audio preemphasis


power supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz±2Hz,60W

Ambient Temperature