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16/24 channel cable digital TV mixer

16/24 channel cable digital TV mixer

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The 16 channel 24 channel passive signal mixer is mainly used for mixing multiple front-end signals in cable television systems; Adopting a fully passive structure, there is no degradation of signal quality, and a dedicated cascade mixing port is added, making the cascade connection of multiple devices more convenient.

Product features:

1. Adopting directional coupler circuit, with high performance indicators.

2. The entire machine has characteristics such as high reliability and high temperature stability.

3. 16 or 24 IN inputs, 1 mixed output OUT, 1 test test -20DB.

4. Use standard 19 'chassis for regular or luxury models.

Technical parameters:

Frequency range: 45-860MHz

Insertion loss: 20 ± 2dB

Isolation loss: ≥ 30dB

Input output impedance: 75 Ω

Input/output reflection loss: ≥ 12dB

Weight: 1.5kg