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Mini DTMB high-definition set-top box

Mini DTMB high-definition set-top box

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1; Product Overview

This receiver is the golden partner of the digital TV front-end system, which can be used behind the TV, equipped with wireless reception, and can be remotely controlled anywhere within 30 meters,

The exquisite shell is paired with the front end of a digital TV to showcase an elegant and practical effect.

2; Product Features

1. Can accept national standard orders and multiple carriers!!

2. Supports MPEG1, MEPG2, MEPG4/H264, AVS+, AVS program formats!

3. Supports Dolby AC3, DD+, AAC, and DRA audio.

4. Compared to the previous hardware version, the new version of the machine has better signal sensitivity and resistance to signal saturation;

5. Using a brand new chip, it can handle co frequency interference!!

6. Stable software and hardware design to reduce hassle during use;

Three; Principle of use