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IPTV video capture gateway server 5608A

IPTV video capture gateway server 5608A

The IPTV gateway server is also known as the IPTV telecommunications gateway, IPTV video server, streaming media server, video server, and IPTV source server. The equipment is integrated with IT technology/network communication technology/digital TV audio and video technology/Android operating system, and the software and hardware are highly integrated. It is an important equipment for the IPTV room system in hotels and other places in recent years, which can be used not only in the IPTV network Interactive television video system of smart hotels, but also in the IPTV live broadcast digital television system, Including the TV room system of hotel/hotel/hospital/school/sauna foot bath/prison/Detention center/unit staff dormitory, and the TV room system of township TV station/factory and mining enterprise TV station. It is currently one of the most popular devices for digital television front-end

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Product Overview

  IPTV gateway server, also known as IPTV telecommunications gateway, IPTV video server, streaming server, video server, iptv Retrieve the source server. The device combines IT technology, network communication technology, digital television audio and video technology, and Android operating system. The software is integrated with Highly integrated hardware, it is an important device for IPTV television room systems in hotels and other places in recent years, which can be used as a smart device Hotel IPTV network Interactive television system can also be used as IPTV live digital television system, including hotels/hotels/hospitals/ School sauna foot bath/prison/Detention center/TV room system of unit staff dormitory, township TV station/factory and mining enterprise TV station The room system is currently one of the most popular devices for digital television front-end

Hardware features

  ØWeb interface management

  ØModem acquisition, satellite acquisition (with addedhardware), encoding acquisition (with added hardware)

  ØCollection number of live programs in high-definition standard definition

  Ø1000 on-demand video sources of official edition, automatically downloaded locally (scheduled download, staggered download[requires connection to an external network]

  Ølt can be connected with PMS (cash register system), room control system (RCU system), voice remote controller and smart speaker

  ØSupport for yoice remote control (Baidu voice remote control)

  ØThe terminal app can run on TVs and set-top boxes aboveAndroid 4.4.2

Hardware parameters

Central Processing Unit
System hard drive64G (optional)
On demand hard drive4TB capacity(optional)
FanTemperature controlled fan
Network functionIntegrate 8 Gigabit network cards



Software features

Functional module


Core software for

streaming media services

Streaming media live broadcast Server Core core software (including video on demand service and live TV service)

BOSS system

Including all basic businesses:user management,program management, release management,system management,log management,database

management,playback control,authentication

Welcome interface

Welcome guests to check in and display their names

Hotel Introduction

Display hotel related information

Weather forecast module

Fully automatic release of weather forecast information of the current day.


Live TV

Central,provincial,local,and overseas Taiwan

Self operated channel

Used for internal video source live streaming

High definition cinema

That is,the viewer can pay by scanning the QR code on the TV through his

mobile phone.The payment mode is WeChat and Alipay.After scanning successfully,he can watch the video.Genuine authorization;Local

staggered download of movie cache,not occupying internet bandwidth

Food and Beverage

lllustrated and illustrated display of food images,names,and prices

Insert in a radio or

TV programme

Forced,timed,and localized insertion of videos,images,and text

Travel Guide

Introduction to surrounding attractions,entertainment,and cuisine

Bill Query

Used for customers to query consumption bills

Recreation Service

Display various entertainment and leisure services of the hotel

Screen projection function


Voice module

Live broadcast and on-demand control

Live broadcast contro