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Transformation of Hotel IPTV to Coaxial Digital TV

The "Digital Era - National Standard DTMB High Definition, Non destructive, Low Price, and High Performance Broadcasting Solution for Public Institutions" will meet the digital broadcasting needs of the vast majority of public institutions at present.

Scheme description;

Plan 1; The IPTV code stream is output into a DTMB modulator for re modulation to produce an RF signal, which is mixed and amplified before being sent to the weak current well on the floor. The solution can be implemented at the head end to sort the programs according to the hotel's requirements. Including the production of self operated promotional images and videos for hotels

Option 2; Input the signal from the set-top box into the encoder, and the IP stream from the encoder is then input into the DTMB modulator to output the RF signal. After mixing and amplification, it is sent to the weak current well on the floor and sent to the room.

Principle architecture;



Focusing on digital television system equipment, IPTV television system equipment, triple play television system equipment, hotel/school/hotel/other places advertising on demand/insertion systems.

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