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Campus IPTV TV System Solution

Campus IPTV TV System Solution


With the continuous popularization of the Internet, universities are also deepening their application of campus networks. Currently, universities have entered a stage of digital and intelligent development. The demand for network information on the entire campus and among teachers and students is also increasing day by day. The current campus network system should not only focus on browsing simple text and image information, but also further develop towards IPTV and video on demand live streaming. The main significance of ITPV system lies in providing live television, on-demand film and television, music appreciation, and more extensive and in-depth streaming technology. Considering the needs of different customers, we provide dedicated management systems and related system interfaces for customers. The IPTV system achieves unified management of all end users through a unified backend. The solution can solve the channel management in the campus LAN, Streaming television, campus live broadcast, remote training, studio, interactive on-demand and some extended applications.

Of course, the most important point is the significant role of IPTV system in school multimedia digitization. In one operating interface, it can achieve better switching between video live streaming, on-demand playback, and file browsing. Therefore, as long as the teacher switches between different files, this effect can be achieved, reducing the difficulty of lesson preparation. And as long as the teacher authorizes, students can log in and access relevant authorized content at any time, so that students who take leave or need to review can independently arrange access to relevant courseware resources.

Weishijie provides campus IPTV system solutions

Scheme description:

Live streaming source collection: It can collect directly inserted sources such as operator sources, wide power sources, satellite sources, and self built sources separately or in a mixed manner.

Multimedia teaching server: Provides streaming media distribution services (live streaming, on-demand, recording and inserting, etc.), and provides various courseware file sharing and user management functions.

Terminal usage: supports devices such as computer, mobile (mobile), and set-top boxes, and can be accessed through a browser or dedicated client.

Usage scenario

Television broadcasting: Various television programs that can be broadcasted and accessed.

Live streaming of activities: Various campus activities such as demonstration classes, sports events, and evening parties can be live streamed.

Recording: TV programs or live events can be synchronously recorded and stored.

Multimedia teaching: The teacher uploads multimedia courseware to the server, and during class, they can freely click and play through projection or IPTV TV to assist in teaching.

Autonomous learning: Students can log in to the server at any time through the campus network, watch or download relevant courseware online, and learn independently.

Video monitoring: This system can also be connected to a surveillance camera for video monitoring.

Advantages of the plan

1. One machine for multiple purposes: One server meets the needs of campus television stations such as live streaming of school activities, program broadcasting, and recording, as well as multimedia teaching needs.

2. Investing in auxiliary teaching can achieve high-quality courseware sharing, making it easy for teachers to teach and students willing to learn, which is conducive to improving teaching efficiency.

3. Easy to deploy, easy to use, investment saving, and can be promoted to every school and classroom.