185-6525-0908 Digital IPTV system overall solution service provider

4-in-1 MPEG-2 standard definition encoder

4-in-1 MPEG-2 standard definition encoder

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This device supports 4 channels of CVBS signal input, 4 channels of YPbPr signal input, and 4 channels of S-video signal input (choose any of the three encoding input methods); This device supports 1 ASI input; Supports 2 ASI outputs. This device supports 4-way MPEG-2 standard definition encoding. For different input methods, this device can be widely used for advertising and monitoring in public places such as subways, shopping malls, theaters, tourist resorts, as well as training and education for companies, schools, and hospitals.

Main characteristics

  • Supports MPEG-2 encoding and advanced video preprocessing algorithms

  • Supports 4-way MPEG-2 standard definition encoding

  • Supports PAL and NTSC standard definition encoding formats

  • Supports 1-channel ASI multiplexing input

  • Supports 2 ASI outputs and 1 IP output (4 SPTS or 1 MPTS)

  • Support the processing and insertion of PSI/SI information, and synchronize updates

  • Support for web network management and LCD&key operations