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Advantages of Digital TV Transformation

According to the requirements of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, analog television signal transmission will be completely stopped in 2015, and digital television signals will be used for transmission. The development of DTMB national standard digital television has reached today, and there are also several to dozens of public welfare free program resources in cities of all sizes in China. Since 2014, mainstream televisions in China have been rumored to have built-in DTMB set-top boxes. By mid-2014, TVs over 40 inches in the market had built-in DTMB digital decoding modules. When the system adopts the national standard DTMB transmission, there is no need for a set-top box in the terminal room, and the room layout is beautiful and easy to manage.

At present, hotel companies are also beginning to pay attention to the application of high-quality digital television in commercial operation systems, improving the level and visibility of hotel companies. Previously, many hotels used simulation systems, with limited programs and frequent interference such as snowflakes, mesh patterns, and image jumps, leaving a negative impression on guests. The cable digital TV signals provided by network companies must be equipped with additional set-top boxes and charged viewing fees, which is also a significant investment for hotel companies. Moreover, set-top boxes can also bring many inconveniences in actual use and management.

2、 Benefits of digital television system construction

1. Money saving: Basically no monthly rent, lifetime benefits from one-time investment, and no need to install a set-top box on the terminal. If only 40 set-top boxes or decoders are required to receive TV signals for 40 programs, and a maximum of 40 set-top boxes are paid for monthly rent, you can share TV viewing in all hotel rooms, saunas, sports and entertainment, chess and card, and dining venues.

2. Easy to worry about: Unified front-end management, no need to rectify the original line, reduce management and maintenance costs, and prevent the loss of set-top boxes and toll cards. The national standard acceptance threshold is low, and there will be no interference such as snowflakes and mesh patterns.

3. Paid program sharing: As long as a set of paid programs (such as European Football, 188 yuan/month) is opened, all TVs can watch it.

4. Self-produced programs marketing: use DVD and computer to realize the rolling play of the latest films and music, and insert hotel introductions and promotional videos, so as to realize the effective application and development of marketing resources.

5. Image and text advertising promotion: Using image and text advertising coding equipment or image and text advertising system, the hotel's transmitted programs can be subtitled and scrolled, with images and QR codes superimposed, and can be displayed anywhere on the TV screen. The font size and color resolution can be adjusted. Supports timed display of images and text, with multiple images displayed in turn. Effectively strengthen information communication between the hotel and guests, enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the hotel, and increase guest satisfaction and consumption intensity.

3、 Advantages of Digital TV System Construction

1. Save a lot of purchase costs and unlimited monthly rental fees for set-top boxes, with one investment and lifelong benefits.

2. In the later stage, the number of televisions can be infinitely expanded without additional costs.

3. No need to rewire, just use the original cable TV network.

4. Each TV set does not need to be equipped with a set-top box to avoid the trouble caused by two remote controls.

5. The connected signal source is a digital TV signal source, and the real digital TV programs are watched.

6. Anti interference: There will be no interference phenomena such as snowflakes, mesh patterns, and image bouncing that are common in analog television systems.

7. The front-end computer room is managed uniformly, and set-top boxes and viewing cards are not placed in the room to prevent loss or damage.

8. Publicity of self-produced programs of the hotel: DVD and computer can be used to play the latest films and the hotel promotional films.

9. Image and text advertising: overlaying and transmitting subtitles, images, and QR codes through a high-definition image and text encoder.