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Economic Stability Plan -40 sets of Cable TV front-end system renovation diagram

Specializing in various types of cable television, digital television engineering renovation for hotels, guesthouses, hotels, and rental properties across the country. The company has advanced and complete equipment, reasonable product prices, good quality, and fast delivery. Free design solution. Solve various engineering problems! Sell complete equipment! Whether you have 1 TV, 5 TVs, 10 TVs, 20 TVs, 50 TVs, 100 TVs, 200 TVs, or more than N TVs, we can solve it for you! Equipment plan, one-time investment, permanent benefits, no subsequent fees, no annual fees, no monthly rent!

1、 40 program sources, including radio and television set-top boxes+free satellite set-top boxes+self-produced programs, are modulated by the system, including 2 Weishijie 16 channel modulators, 1 Weishijie 8-channel modulator, and 1 one minute three mixerAfter mixing, the output bus is sent to the original floor line, and hundreds of TVs at the terminal can automatically search and watch 40 analog programs through the original TV. There is no need to change the original circuit, branch distribution, amplifier, and other structures of the original floor.


Focusing on digital television system equipment, IPTV television system equipment, triple play television system equipment, hotel/school/hotel/other places advertising on demand/insertion systems.

Provide services such as scheme design, equipment supply, technical guidance, etc.