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The Application of Modulators in Cable TV Frontend

1. The modulator is suitable for enterprises or homeowners with a large number of televisions, such as hotels, hospitals, saunas, rental buildings, factory dormitories, etc.
2. Whether it is 50 or 200 televisions, only 20-40 set-top boxes are needed. The more televisions, the more obvious the cost savings. One investment can benefit in the long run.
3. It can retain the original analog signal program and mix it with multiple digital TV programs for output, allowing each room to simultaneously watch programs on different channels.
4. It can connect to satellite set-top boxes, radio and television set-top boxes, IPTV set-top boxes, DVDs and other program sources, and achieve self operated channels.
5. The modulator does not require rewiring or changing the original circuit, making it easy and fast to install, with stable performance, and no need for other professional tools during installation.

6. Small footprint, stable machine performance, and clear output images