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The Impact of the Internet on Hotel IPTV Television System

The concept of Internet plus has been put forward, along with the development of software, hardware and communication industry in recent years, people's lives have changed a lot, more connected to the network. From travel to payment, from work to entertainment, the 80s and 90s, as the main consumers, have developed good habits of using internet products. As a mobile home, hotels not only provide users with a comfortable accommodation environment, but also enhance their competitiveness by keeping them engaged in daily entertainment. Therefore, the traditional TV system can no longer meet the needs of users and must keep pace with the times to make changes. What are the impacts of Internet plus on the hotel IPTV TV system?

1. Transforming from traditional cable TV to hotel IPTV television system, in addition to passively choosing live programs, one can also choose to watch and demand videos. This allows for more choices, allowing time to be spent on favorite programs and increasing a positive impression of the hotel.

2. Each hotel is different, how can customers have a more profound impression of the hotel? You can consider adding a startup advertisement to the hotel's IPTV television system, which can be the hotel's logo or brand slogan. After entering the system, the hotel's welcome message is: XX Hotel welcomes you to stay. If you are more specific, you can also add the guest's name: Mr./Ms. XX, welcome to stay at XX Hotel. Of course, there can also be a dedicated menu bar to provide hotel details, allowing guests to better understand the hotel's situation, such as its establishment and development, culture, brand image, market distribution, branch address, number of rooms owned and services provided, star rating of each branch, and so on.

3. For some large hotels, there can also be a hotel facility reservation module. For example, meeting rooms, health rooms, swimming pools, etc. can make more effective use of these facilities. Utilizing the internet to improve efficiency.

4. Other hotel related modules: Hotel reservation module: For large hotels, there can be a specialized food reservation module, which can increase the hotel's revenue while improving the hotel's level; Laundry service can also be achieved with one click.

5. Regarding the hotel IPTV television system, there are also other details, such as the conversion between weather, time, time zones, and even the world watch. In addition, there are also language versions available. Currently, the IPTV system of Dianliang Software can implement Chinese Simplified Traditional Chinese and English. Of course, if other languages are needed, it can also be implemented.

6. In addition, for ticketing systems that are closely related to hotels, including train tickets, air tickets, ship tickets, etc., they can also be directly connected, and even third-party shopping malls can be used.

The above is a summary of the influence of Internet plus on the hotel IPTV television system in the long-term work of the editor. Of course, this is only a part of it, and if there is a need, there are actually more scalable options. But are these suitable for every hotel? Previously, the editor also introduced that according to different hotels, the plans are actually different. Although some functions are very good, if the hotel scale is not reached, it may not be good to do so. So the specific solution that is suitable is the best one.