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Smart Hotel Three Network Integration Fiber Optic Home System Solution

Smart Hotel Three Network Integration Fiber Optic Home System Solution


The concept of triple play integration

1. All optical network has simple wiring, simple networking, low maintenance, wide bandwidth of optical transmission frequency, large information capacity, low transmission loss, long transmission distance, high transmission rate, high reliability, high signal quality, good anti-interference and confidentiality performance. It can transmit multiple signals such as television, data, and sound, making it most convenient for bidirectional transmission and interactive business development

2. All optical networks have good compatibility. It can not only be compatible with existing networks, but also support the three major operators and IPTV television, network broadband, telephone services, large network upgrade space, and all optical networks have higher processing power and faster speed than copper or wireless networking

The characteristics of triple play integration

1. Multiple functions on the front line, one network cable solves the problem of "television, telephone, internet", saves wiring costs and equipment costs

2. All network devices can be managed uniformly on the cloud platform, avoiding difficulties in integrating services and inconvenient upgrades

3. Each room has broadband access, which is stable and will not cause internal network attacks or other failures

4. Poisoning and other issues in a single room will not affect the entire hotel and can ensure the stable operation of the hotel network

5. Adopting a second open hotel interactive system, the system has been integrated into functions such as TV live streaming, review, online on-demand, local cinema, rotation, online call service, and independent information publishing,

Triple network integration mode



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