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Introduction to the Complete Solution for Smart Hotel TV System

Introduction to the Complete Solution for Smart Hotel TV System


With the implementation of policies, various provinces across the country have successively launched IPTV services. As of 2015, the number of IPTV users in the country had reached 50 million, and in 2016, the number of users had reached over 97 million. What force prompted everyone to abandon broadcasting and television and embrace IPTV? What impact will IPTV have on hotels?
In recent years, with the development and popularization of Smart TV, people's pursuit of intelligence and entertainment has been further advanced. In the process of intelligent construction of the hotel, can we cater to the national "Internet plus" strategy, join the perfect experience of Smart TV in the process of exploring IPTV with the times, better serve the hotel, and achieve a new income increase for the hotel?
Now, we officially recommend the solution to the TV live streaming problem through the telecommunications gateway to everyone!!
1、 Introduction to IPTV Telecom Gateway:

The telecom gateway can collect the operator's IPTV live broadcast signal, gather the live broadcast signal and uniformly output it to the hotel LAN, and cooperate with the hotel's smart TV to install terminal APP software to solve the problem of TV live broadcast and other value-added problems.

The upper section of the interface displays the hotel name, set-top box WiFi information, time, and date.

The system interface design is simple and generous, and live programs can be added independently. The system supports operator IPTV sources, satellite sources, wide power sources, and network sources, with rich and colorful content, bringing customers a more intuitive visual experience.

Fully supports online on-demand, local on-demand, and a massive selection of movies for you!

Customized service section, which can achieve one click check-out, one click cleaning, online ordering, and other services. Make the service simpler and more appropriate

The system broadcasts and introduces the hotel's structure, room type, culture, environment, services, and local characteristics, customs, and culture in an elegant graphic and textual manner, establishing a corporate brand image, promoting local characteristic culture, and fully showcasing the hotel's most beautiful style, adding luster to the hotel.